New Initiatives from Emily Nicholson to Improve The Quality of Live in The Region

Emily Nicholson strongly believes that The NC House of Representatives should represent our population and defend their rights and needs. She stands for high-quality medical care, universal access to education, business support, clean water, air, energy, and sustainable infrastructure in North Carolina. Now Emily proposes a number of initiatives to improve the quality of the residents' lives.


  • Ensuring universal access to Pre-K and early childhood learning opportunities so all children come to Kindergarten equipped with skills to succeed from the start
  • Increasing resources and professional treatment for educators, including classrooms equipped with tools they need for modern instructional methods
  • Exposing more students to local careers to address the issue of our stagnant, and sometimes, declining population
  • Guaranteeing equitable access to community colleges, including in-state tuition to all residents of NC
  • Targeting efforts to eliminate the school-to-prison pipeline, a priority for addressing long-term prison reform
  • Thoughtfully and strategically investing in school safety
  • Eliminating the stress and stigma in testing and accountability policies
  • Emphasizing the importance of voter registration and community involvement among our youth

Development of Education

North Carolina is ranked 7th in higher education but only 15th in Pre-K-12 education. We should pay attention to pre-school education so that children can come to Kindergarten with all the required skills to succeed in further learning. This initiative requires increased funding for in-home senior care, professional treatments of educators, and equipment for schools and classes to provide modern education methods. We also need to ensure the guaranteed equitable possibility of in-state tuition to all residents of NC.


  • Standing up for equitable access to healthcare to close the coverage gap
  • Increasing funding for in-home care, including more professionally trained caregivers
  • Enhancing resources for caregivers for reprieve from their intensive responsibilities
  • Elevating social, emotional and physical opportunities to keep seniors engaged in their communities
  • Growing mental healthcare accessibility and rural healthcare providers


According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources data, the environment is a basis that affects the physical and mental health of the residents and the quality of life in general. Emily Nicholson stands for reinforcing the importance of clean waterways for safe recreational and fishing activities, including more research to curb the algal bloom issue. According to Emily 's priorities, we also should strengthen the beautification of towns by removing vacant buildings.


  • Promoting livable wages for our workforce which reduces turnover, improves employee morale and leads to reductions in poverty
  • Prioritizing small businesses and their challenges for growth; providing youth with entrepreneurial programs including incubator opportunities
  • Partnering with school systems and community colleges to incorporate more ‘soft skill’ instruction for our students so that they become employees with a strong work ethic
  • Determining the means for providing public transportation, particularly for employment needs
  • Providing support for local and regional economic developers through stronger collaboration between various resources agencies

Growing Small Business

We should support small businesses in NC to improve the economic environment and create more jobs with competitive, livable wages. Prioritizing small businesses and their challenges for growth is possible by providing youth with entrepreneurial programs, including incubator opportunities and different types of available funding.


  • Increasing residential and commercial access to broadband
  • Reinforcing the importance of clean waterways for safe recreational and fishing activities, including more research to curb the algal bloom issue
  • Helping communities maintain resilience after natural disasters
  • Strengthening the beautification of towns through the removal of vacant buildings

High-Quality Medical Care

According to the WalletHub report, NC appears to be one of the worst states in the nation for healthcare. As high-quality medical care is a basis of human rights, Emily stands for improving the quality of medical services. Moreover, we should provide residents with equitable access to healthcare, including growing mental healthcare accessibility and rural healthcare providers. Another important point is senior care. To offer it at the required level, we should increase funding for in-home care and pay more attention to professional caregivers’ training.

Affordable Financing

To improve the well-being of the NC residents and give them financial support in case of unexpected expenses, Emily initiates a partnership with direct lending companies to provide people with affordable online payday loans. These financial products should be available to everyone with any type of credit score. It will support people with low incomes and bad credit and allow them to solve their financial problems.