• Ensuring universal access to Pre-K and early childhood learning opportunities so all children come to Kindergarten equipped with skills to succeed from the start
  • Increasing resources and professional treatment for educators, including classrooms equipped with tools they need for modern instructional methods
  • Exposing more students to local careers to address the issue of our stagnant, and sometimes, declining population
  • Guaranteeing equitable access to community colleges, including in-state tuition to all residents of NC
  • Targeting efforts to eliminate the school-to-prison pipeline, a priority for addressing long-term prison reform
  • Thoughtfully and strategically investing in school safety
  • Eliminating the stress and stigma in testing and accountability policies
  • Emphasizing the importance of voter registration and community involvement among our youth


  • Standing up for equitable access to healthcare to close the coverage gap
  • Increasing funding for in-home care, including more professionally trained caregivers
  • Enhancing resources for caregivers for reprieve from their intensive responsibilities
  • Elevating social, emotional and physical opportunities to keep seniors engaged in their communities
  • Growing mental healthcare accessibility and rural healthcare providers


  • Promoting livable wages for our workforce which reduces turnover, improves employee morale and leads to reductions in poverty
  • Prioritizing small businesses and their challenges for growth; providing youth with entrepreneurial programs including incubator opportunities
  • Partnering with school systems and community colleges to incorporate more ‘soft skill’ instruction for our students so that they become employees with a strong work ethic
  • Determining the means for providing public transportation, particularly for employment needs
  • Providing support for local and regional economic developers through stronger collaboration between various resources agencies


  • Increasing residential and commercial access to broadband
  • Reinforcing the importance of clean waterways for safe recreational and fishing activities, including more research to curb the algal bloom issue
  • Helping communities maintain resilience after natural disasters
  • Strengthening the beautification of towns through the removal of vacant buildings